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38 year-old
Joliet, United States
Hello Whoever You Are, Thank you so much for takin the time to read my profile. Truthfully Im kinda nervous which is a bit foreign to me, especially when I have absolutely no clue who you are LoL! I think maybe its due to my optimism & the possibility that this could possibly be the first time Im communicating to hopefully someone that I grow to have a special long lasting friendship with. Im usually a pretty cautious person when it comes to inviting someone into my life, but I no longer wish to be the person I once was. I know those expectations may be looked at as a little lofty but I dont see it as me expecting something but me aspiring to reach a level of human bonding that my life was missing. Im so excited & enthused to build with someone who possesses a positive energy even if I have to help them find it. Someone who's character & spirit is welcoming. Someone open to sharing the vast bits & pieces of their life that makes them, Them. Also be willing to allow me that same opportunity to peal back my layers and reveal the kind, warm hearted, positive spirited, intelligent, funny & caring person I know myself to be burarely have the freedom to show. Ive learned that writing a letter is a shared object and a shared experience that helps our friendships grow deeper, & helps us stay connected to people. I enjoy reading all types of genres & excercising my mind as well as my body. Ive always been interested in space & the great beyond, learning new things & about different cultures & wildlife. Also architecture & design. There are so many shows Ive watched & continue to ranging from Game of Thrones - WestWorld - All American - Clarice - Animal Kingdom - Marriage At First Sight which Im most surprised that I enjoy. There is so much more of me that Id like to share with you & if you feel the subtle urge to want to share some of you with me I welcome your thoughts, words & laughs. Hope to hear from you soon. P.S. life always offers you a 2nd chance its called tomorrow

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