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49 year-old Female, from Canada.
Happy with life and looking to make some new...
56 year-old Male, from Canada.
Hopeful ROmanitc, Former Punk Band Member U.K 1979
50 year-old Male, from Canada.
interested in helping a filipina with assistance...
31 year-old Female, from Canada.
Hello, my name is Sara and I’m from Canada. I...
41 year-old Female, from Canada.
Hi, I am looking for pen pals from Greece. I...
69 year-old Female, from Canada.
I am married with an adult son. I like nature ,...
60 year-old Female, from Canada.
Hi. I'm a quiet, thoughtful person who loves to...
44 year-old Male, from Canada.
I am energetic and love life, i enjoy fishing and...
56 year-old Male, from Canada.
Hi ! My name is Mark and I now Live in Winnipeg ,...
56 year-old Male, from Canada.
Hi ! My name is Mark and I Live in Canada. I'm a ...
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