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51 year-old
Shizuoka Pref., Japan
I'm a Japanese female, looking for a single female penfriend with no kids who loves exchanging letters. A Japanophile is especially welcomed but it doesn't matter. Please understand beforehand I don't have any online communication. My interests are reading, writing, snail mail, crafts, journaling, movies, music, vintage/antique stuff, baseball, cats and so on. I work at home as a crowd-sourced writer and in private I write and publish ebooks. The countries I've ever been to are New Zealand (residence : Auckland, travel : Waitomo and Rotorua) and Korea (fanmeeting tour : Seoul and Chungju). Hard to say but sometimes handwriting of westerners is difficult to read for Asians, so I might ask you to write in neat block letters or to type. I wouldn't be an ideal penfriend if you stick with handwriting and never want to send typed letters. I'd like to have a tolerant and humble penfriend who is considerate of the difficulty to communicate in non-native languages. If you always feel uncomfortable to hear bragging about husband/partner and kids, I'm on your side! Feel free to message me if you agree with old-fashioned offline. No anonymity. I accept a person only who is not reluctant to give both postal address and real full name out each other. Let me ignore the following messages - the first contact without your self-introduction - only meaningless words ('Hi' 'Hello' 'How are you?' etc.) - ones I judge my profile is unread or unrespected by you - mental abuse, sarcastic words, spams etc.

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