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34 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hey im 27 years old. My daughter is 4 and im...
27 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hi Everyone! I'm Ann from Germany. I'm...
57 year-old Female, from Germany.
My name is Kerstin and I live in Germany. I...
24 year-old Female, from Germany.
My hobbies are rididing, reading, writing and...
27 year-old Male, from Germany.
Hi i`m a very open boy i`m looking to communicate...
61 year-old Female, from Germany.
Happy, well travelled (over 15 countries visited)...
22 year-old Male, from Germany.
Hey:) I'm Flo and interested to an american Pen-...
27 year-old Male, from Germany.
Hey, my name is Julian and I'm 20 years old. I am...
22 year-old Female, from Germany.
hi :) i really love books! one of my fav. books...
20 year-old Male, from Germany.
Hello, my name is Leon! I play the guitar, the...

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