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66 year-old
Hot Springs National Park, United States
I'm a laid back guy with many interests, spent considerable time in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, UK) and all around the States, coast to coast. I love music, from rock and jazz to classical and world music. I like to cook and share recipes. I read all the time, mostly fiction, fantasy is my favorite genre. Adore movies, spend more time on Netflix than I should admit. Outdoors I like hiking and walks through gardens or near water, I live by three beautiful lakes. Retired now, lots of time on my hands, would enjoy sharing stories and fun talks with a lady of like mind. Seeking females only to become penpals. Prefer someone looking to converse on a fairly regular basis, not just an email or two and then gone. If this sounds appealing to you, please get back with me, I promise to respond. Take a sad song and make it better...

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