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53 year-old
London, United Kingdom
I am Just a simple Guy, down to earth, I rarely get angry and can count the number of times in a year I got angry but that does not make me perfect. I do get angry once in a while when worse things are done. Some of this worse things include, disappointment, unfaithfulness, insincerity and unturned respect.I Look into my sad brown eyes Can you see my soul? Can you see the heavy weight of my broken heart The horrors that they hold.Some say Im rude and mean, wake a mile in my shoes And see what I have seen. Many hearts have broken , Some wonder why we fight this war, of finding true love Our mission we can't deny.We will always look for true love, Never asking....Why? Keeping our emotions hidden, Trying not to cry.Many times we die alone, It's hard to say good bye, When a heart is broken.You watch your love die. .My eyes are windows to my soul, Look and see my tears, Look and see my love is true Search deep and see my fears.of another love. We go blindly searching for true love Leaving our past behind, These past loves and heart brakes are the things we keep, Deep within our Self, please INBOX me your Email address to tell you about myself if you are new here too thanks

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