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30 year-old
Mechelgr√ľn, Germany
Hello everyone, my name is Dorothea and I'm interested in getting to know nice people from all over Europe. I'm an easy-going, calm and friendly person (or so they say) and absolutely love languages, music, hiking in beautiful nature, travelling and getting to know other people and their countries. During my years of study (Latin and English) I've spent quite some time abroad (in Australia, France, Greece, Italy and Norway) and it would be awesome to get the chance to somehow continue that international way of life eventhough I've settled down and become an ordinary teacher ;-) Since we have moved to the countryside, I miss having people around who are interested in similar things and who love sending and receiving letters too. I'm interested in all kinds of topics having to do with language and culture and am always full of new ideas to share with you. What about you?

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