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27 year-old
Incheon, Korea, South
Hello, Everyone! Nice to meet you. :) My name is taehyung kim. I'm korean, I am 26 years old live in Bupyeong.(Bupyeong is my korea hometown.) I am a part-time student, and i am studying ecological restoration these days. My hobbies are camping, biking, fishing, and planting. Basically, I am interested in nature, travel and design! I want to exchange language and culture with foreign friends..(Especially USA or Canada friends.) Because I will go working holiday immigrant to Canada or USA. I hope to improve my English. Please understand each other is the low language skills. I am trying to improve my English. So I am watching the drama, movies, TV shows and documentaries these days. (If you have a decent English film, u would recommend it to me, please!) And, not only language exchange, I want a friend to stay longer friendly. The truth is a friend like soul mates.(If possible) Thank you! so i want to a lot of contact me :) My Kakko ID : neuldu My Facebook ID : analog503

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