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18 year-old
Augsburg, Germany
hey. I'am not creative enough for a name. I'm a random guy on the internet who is capable of speaking/writing russian, english, german, french and a bit turkish. I'm in an art focused class so i practice drawing. The things i love and do the most is boxing and working out followed by watching movies and listening to music. I can also cook a bit but i don't do it everyday. I adore heavy weather because it relaxes me for a reason. I also love pets especially dogs because they are really sweet. Aside my interests i have one sibling who is 12 y/o. My school is weird and full of problems so i'd like to talk here and get out of life for a bit. Hopefully i seem interesting enough to be talked to -_- I also love computers. I'am a developer in video games so i programm on game engines. I mastered H.T.M.L. in my school for website creation and studied Lua for myself. If i'm really that interesting though, contact me i prefer pals in the us, age 14-18 any gender.

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