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20 year-old
Stockholm, Sweden
Hiya! Im katarina and am rather happy, open, playful, obedient & sweet girl i think! Im about 160 cm, slim and petite, in good shape, kinda small allover, shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes Am what i'd call an anti-feminist & proud of it! ^_^ Believe in old fashioned gender roles, believe men & women are different, think different & should have different roles and places! single atm and always open to talk, would like to have a man, someone to take care of me, love me, control me, lead me, teach me and use me ^_^ I want to be.. obedient, respectful, pleasing and supportive... feel its the least a girl owes her man as it were.. and really is just polite to some degree even when meeting strangers. feel men should be in charge of.. well just about everything, leading, controlling, guiding and deciding. is natural for a man to take control and responsibility and is natural for a girl so seek that and obey and please... So works out for both!! ^_^ feel most girls would be a lot happier if they followed their instincts.. but again.. jsut my opinion hihi i truly enjoy the feeling of pleasing my man, making him proud and happy and satisfied... nothing better in the world than a pat on the head and being told im a good girl ^_^ in spare time am pretty normal kinda girl i think.. hang out online a lot, chats & forums & sites & some games & stuff.. watch shows a lot, read alot, books and fanfiction.. tried writing but not good at it :P meet friends and stuff, and swim regularly both for fun and exercise i believe Male Superiority is the most natural, right and appropriate way to structure a relationship. Men are naturally better suited to being in authority and control and girls are much better suited to be followers and servants. It is how we are all designed by nature. anyways, ifn you wanna talk about anything just contact me! love to email about thoughts and dreams and anything really..

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