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62 year-old
Sydney, Australia
Hi, Contrary to my email address, my name is Helen. My hobbies include biblical eschatology (I have a fascination with end time prophecy..) My other current hobbies include learning the French language and how to sketch and paint. I'm also interested in literature and the world's political situation. I've been living back with my mother for about twelve years now and that has allowed her to live in her own home much longer than she would have done. (I had divorced and it allowed me to still be around family and a fellow animal lover, unlike my ex.) When I'm not doing doing chores, I'm usually reading, online, or attending my art and French classes during the week. I'm also interested in the cultures and politics of other countries and have studied this recently. But I need more company and conversation in my life and decided to try online pen pals for that.

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