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18 year-old
Hangzhou, China
Hello everybody! My name is Hanqueen Ng, a Chinese girl who was born in 2000. Glad to meet you all. And I am happy to exchange postcards with you—although I do not know who are you at all. For me, it is such a magical feeling! I do love collecting postcards and stamps from all over the world, and travelling is also what I’d really love to do. As you know, I have plenty of hobbies, such as painting、watching football matches、playing tennis、listening to music、seeing films、reading books、writing、playing guqin(a kind of traditional Chinese instrument)or piano、making speeches and so on. As a high school student, I am interested in Chemistry and History. I also like discussing politics and economics with my friends. So I have a dream that one day I can be a powerful diplomat. Additionally, I plan to attend university abroad and I want to live in Washington D.C. one day. So if you are going to send a postcard to me, please choose one about universities and write it name down. Maybe someday I will be a part of that university because I believe that miracles exist in our life! About styles of postcards~ Followings are what I want to get: _Anything about your hometown or where you live in now (I am so curious about yours.) _Art (Going to museums is one of my favorite activities.) _Different cultural relics (Especially some beautiful churches、temples and palaces.) _Film stars (Matt Damon is my favorite actor.) _Harry Potter (I really love Hermione Granger and Sirius Black!) _Music (Any kinds of) _Planets (I think Mars will be the best.) _Portraits of some famous person (Maybe some ancient Kings or Queens.) _Real Madrid (I like watching football matches and Real Madrid is my favorite team! Of course, I won’t refuse to receive postcards about famous football players, especially CR7!) _Tennis (My idol is Novac Djokovic.) _Universities (A part of my dream is to be a student of Columbia University.) Thanks! I hope you are well. Hanqueen Ng

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