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27 year-old Female, from Australia.
Hi! My names Ami and I'm 24 years old. I live in ...
58 year-old Male, from Australia.
I am single and I am interested in other cultures...
57 year-old Female, from Australia.
Love people with a positive outlook on life ...
44 year-old Male, from Australia.
I am a nurse/wards man. Am looking for ...
49 year-old Female, from Australia.
I love Japanese culture and am studying Japanese....
59 year-old Female, from Australia.
Hi, looking for American penfriends. Male only,...
19 year-old Female, from Australia.
Im turning 17 sooooon I am from Australia :) I...
17 year-old Male, from Australia.
Hello, my name is Bailey. I'm from Brisbane, ...
60 year-old Male, from Australia.
I was born in Asia - but live in Australia for 25...
73 year-old Male, from Australia.
I am seeking a Korean pen friend who will give me...
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