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51 year-old Male, from Germany.
Hello. I´m a 48 year old male from Germany...
31 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hi =), my name is Miri and I am 28 years old...
21 year-old Female, from Germany.
I'm an 18 year old from Germany and I love...
45 year-old Male, from Germany.
I'm a black guy in germany. I'll talk with anyone...
27 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hello my Name is Calli from Germany, nice to meet...
34 year-old Male, from Germany.
I'm humble and adventurous. I like to know people...
21 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hello, I'm Miri. I am most interested to hear...
26 year-old Male, from Germany.
I like Japan and I'm total interesed in all kinds...
48 year-old Female, from Germany.
I'm a female who is looking for only female...
53 year-old Female, from Germany.
Hi, I'm here to find a few oldfashioned FEMALE...

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