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46 year-old Male, from Canada.
Vince Gallagher of 40 years of age. Some people...
21 year-old Female, from Canada.
Hello, I'm Mercedes and i live in Canada, I...
43 year-old Male, from Canada.
Hey, My name is Vince furnier, im a 36 year old...
20 year-old Female, from Canada.
I love skiing and chocolate. I also love playing...
31 year-old Female, from Canada.
i am a girl whom her love story is interesting, i...
26 year-old Female, from Canada.
Hi My name is kelly, Im here just looking to make...
38 year-old Female, from Canada.
My name is Jen Wales from Montreal North looking...
26 year-old Male, from Canada.
Hey there ! My name is lucas, I live in a small...
62 year-old Male, from Canada.
Just a guy who enjoys chatting with folks around...
28 year-old Male, from Canada.
My name is Ilkay, I study in Saskatchewan. I'd...
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