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My Name is Jedediah Ford, but my friends call me Jed. I am about half way through an all-inclusive, Mandatory, Five- year vacation at the Idaho Department of corrections Spa and Resort, I won my fun filled holiday by selling pharmaceuticals without the proper permits. Although there is still time fore redemption, I have to say that the cuisine at this particular facility is, shall I say, sub-par.The service lacks the flair you usually find at the finer resort as well .When I get out, the review I leave on Yelp will be scathing. A bit about me... I have never been married and I have no children, I am an only child and my sole relative is my gaining father who lives in California. Obviously, in my current predicament, the thing I miss most is freedom. Coming in a very close 2nd is the company of women. I miss women the way salt misses the sea. I hope to make the acquaintance of some ladies on the outside who would like to talk about anything and everything. I have grown tired of all my readily available conversationalists. Don't get me wrong my fellow inmates are a great resources for certain things. For instance, If you need to know how to forge a social security check or how much a pair crutches will fetch a the local pawn shop, these are your go to guys. However I am hoping to bear from some people who actually have more teeth than felony convictions for a change. I enjoy writing and I have been told that I can string a sentence together fairly well. It has also been said that a great sense of humor. I suppose that is for you to decide. I look forward to hearing from you.

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